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Our Reviews

"I know I am in good hands"
"Dr. Aronson is wonderful. He pays attention to my needs and concerns. I know I am in good hands."

"Like old friends..."
"Dr. Aronson and the staff know you and talk to you like old friends. It helps, especially when you are going through a pregnancy, to know that they all care about you and your baby."

"Listens to the mother's desires for her birth experience"
"Dr. Aronson has short wait times and really listens to the mother's desires for her birth experience. Giving birth to my daughter was so stress-free and incredible. It was absolutely the best experience of my life in large part due to Dr. Aronson and his willingness to offer more natural approaches to birth -- for me, that was a VBAC."

"Courteous, friendly and considerate"
"Dr. Aronson spends ample time with his patients and explains everything. He is a great doctor, courteous, friendly and considerate. I am glad I found him."

"I felt as though they really cared"
"The front office staff, nurses and doctor were all very polite, friendly and professional. I felt as though they really cared, which is a nice touch when visiting a doctor's office."

"The BEST ob/gyn in SoFla!"
"In a few words, the BEST ob/gyn in SoFla! Dr. Aronson delivered my son five years ago and now he is taking care of me during my second pregnancy. He is very gentle, caring and he listens. The front staff and nurses are very nice!"

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